Welcome to Lundbergs Trä AB

Lundbergs Trä AB is a solid family company started 1939 by the Lundberg’s brothers Erik, Hilding, Mats, Sven and Sigurd. The company is located in Arvidsjaur, Norrbotten, in Sweden, near the Arctic circle. Today the company’s owner is third generation of Lundberg family.

There is a well-developed sawing tradition here and generations of “built-in” skill, with the family atmosphere and quick decision-making. And this is what we’re building on with the aid of the most recent research.

Our customers have specific and high requirements regarding dimensions, quality and services. Our aim for the future is to continue to fulfill these requirements in the best manner, personally, with the environment at the heart and with the aid of new technology. Whether you’re in Cairo or Kalix, you’ll feel you’re near Lundbergs Trä AB in Arvidsjaur.